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We are launching a new spiritual growth and fellowship ministry for Day3 Church.

Are you missing our public gatherings?
Wish you could have some connection with your church family?


We are launching a new opportunity for you to build community and experience spiritual growth at Day3—WATCH PARTIES that will meet together weekly to discuss the Sunday Sermon.

We will provide a weekly discussion guide to help facilitate the meeting (download it from the church website). Listen to the sermon together on one of our many online video or audio platforms (or watch on your own and take good notes), then use the discussion guide to dive deeper with your group. If you feel comfortable, have a time of food and fellowship together as well during your meeting.

You can have a “watch party” in your home, or in a “host home” (following current social distancing recommendations based on the allowable number of people meeting together), or even do a virtual meeting online (Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other methods).

Pick the time and meeting location that works best for your group. Because of our various online platforms, you can access the sermon anytime.

ANYONE CAN DO IT! Maybe you have never felt qualified to lead a group in the past. But we want to change that. We will do the work for you up front. You just read the questions and let people discuss answers, solutions, how the message made them feel emotionally, spiritually, etc.... The point is, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

If you need help the staff is available to answer questions.