Giving to the local church is a great thing: you advance the Lord's work in our community, exercise faith that God is in control of your finances, demonstrate obedience to God in a tangible way, and recognize that He has blessed you with all that you have.

One quick and easy way to give electronically is by using the "Bill Pay" feature of your bank's website. This service is normally provided free of charge both to you (the bank's customer), and to the church. The only difference from “bill pay” and our current online giving option is that you are allowing more of your funds to be used since the Bill Pay option is free instead of the 3% processing fee incurred by the other online giving option. And “bill pay” is still as fast and convenient, when you give online using a Recurring Payment, you never have to worry about forgetting your checkbook or being out of town. Instead, your gift can be deducted automatically from your account without you ever having to manually write a check.

*Each bank's website will be slightly different in the working of options

Basic Process:
1. Log on to your bank's website and click on the link for the "Bill Pay" feature.

2. Add the church as a Payee. (Day 3 church 4365 Hickory Blvd Granite Falls NC 28630)

3. Set up a Recurring or One-time donation. A recurring giving can to be sent to the church on any scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, etc.). You can also send any other one-time special gifts by just noting your specific designated item it in the notes (e.g., for Christmas, easter...).

4. Each time you make a gift (either one-time or recurring), the bank will mail a check to the church. This check will be deposited into the church's bank account just like a regular, hand- written check.



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