Sunday, April 30 - Part 1: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…WHY NOT READ IT?” Focus will be upon our personal devotion, quite time…allow God to speak to us.

Sunday, May 7 - Part 2: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…ARE YOU TALKING TO GOD?” (Prayer) Focus will be upon our personal devotion…taking time to pray.

Sunday, May 14 - Part 3: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…WHAT ABOUT MARRIAGE?” Focus will be upon Biblical marriage, dealing partly with same sex marriage, but also with principles to help improve marriages. MOTHER’S DAY – So some application will be made toward mothers also.

Sunday, May 21 - Part 4: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT SEX?” Focus will deal with homosexuality, but also with sexual sin in other areas; and include the proper place of the sexual relationship in the marriage.

Sunday, May 28 - Part 5: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…TELL OTHERS!” Focus will be upon challenging believers to personally share their faith.

Sunday, June 4 - Part 6: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE?” Focus upon salvation, the reality of hell, etc…

Sunday, June 11 – Part 7: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…SERVE GOD AND OTHERS.” Focus upon being willing to discover and use your gifts to serve God and others.

Sunday, June 18 – Part 8: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…GROW UP!” FATHER’S DAY – Focus upon growing up and becoming the man God wants you to be.

Sunday, June 25 – Part 9: “SO SINCE THE BIBLE IS TRUE…REMEMBER GOD!” Focus will be patriotic in nature…calling our church and nation to revival…to remembering God…the Bible clearly says the nations that forget God will be turned into hell.  

Upcoming series



Three week series using some content from a book by Kyle Idleman – “GRACE IS GREATER.”     We also have access to some study guides if any Life Group happens to be meeting, they can use the guide to go along with this series.



Week 1 – SUNDAY, JULY 2

Text: Romans 3:23; John 4:1-30; John 21:15-19

Topic: Grace Is Greater Than Your Mistakes

Big Idea of the Message: Our sin is ugly, but God’s grace is greater than any past mistake or regret.



Week 2 – SUNDAY, JULY 9

Text: Acts 7:54-60; 2 Timothy 4:14-18; Colossians 1:19-23

Topic: Grace Is Greater Than Your Hurts

Big Idea of the Message: We receive freedom from our past wounds when we choose to forgive.


Week 3 – SUNDAY, JULY 16

Text: I Thessalonians 5:18; 2 Corinthians 11:21-23, 12:7-10; Romans 8:18-30

Topic: Grace Is Greater Than Your Circumstances

Big Idea of the Message: Circumstances and obstacles will attempt to drown out

God’s grace in our lives; we must trust in him anyway.