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The Gospel & You

The Gospel & You

Sunday May 20th 8:30a & 10:30a /  The Gospel & Your Heart

Sunday May 20th 6:30p / The Gospel & Your Family

Monday May 21st 7:00p / The Gospel & YourChurch

Tuesday May 22nd 7:00p / The Gospel & Your Work

Wednesday May 23rd 7:00p /  The Gospel & Your Neighbors  

Day 3 Insider

Read a little about what happened in 2017 and what is to come in 2018.  Day 3 is excited about 2018. Day 3 Insider


SERIES: Neighbors – Sunday, May 27 – Sunday, June 17

This 4-week series examines what loving our neighbor looks like on a daily basis—what is love, how do I love, who do I love, and when do I love. 

Week 1 – Sunday, May 27


1 Corinthians 13:1-7

Having an authentic love for people has to be the foundation for all works in the Christian life.

Week 2 – Sunday, June 3


Galatians 5:16-25

Our willingness and capacity to care for others will grow naturally out of our walk with God.

Week 3 – Sunday, June 10


Luke 10:25-37

Our flesh can lead us to pick and choose who we consider our neighbor even though God has clearly called us to everyone, without exception.

Week 4 – Sunday, June 17


John 4:34-35

The satisfaction of everyday life pales in comparison to the satisfaction that comes from allowing the Holy Spirit to interrupt our lives.