Life Groups are all about authentic biblical relationships. They are small groups of individuals/couples that meet on a regular basis to mutually encourage each other in Christ. They are places to take what we know about Jesus and help each other begin applying that knowledge to our every day lives. Each one of our groups take on a shape of its own, defined by the personalities and engagement of the group members. Our hope is that no matter what group you land in, it will be a safe, trusted place for you to find hope in Jesus — no matter where you are in life or on your journey of faith.

Section Title

  • Daryl Triplett

    Time: Sunday Nights @ 5:30P

    Group Topic: The Parables of Jesus

    Location: Day3 Church

    Group Focus: Anyone

    Contact: Daryl Triplett   datrip@charter.net

  • lynn & angie crump

    Time: Sunday Nights @ 5:30P

    Location: Lynn & Angie's House

    Contact: Lynn or Angie Crump

    Angie Crump Group Focus-Ladies

    Group Topic: Don't give the Enemy a seat at your table

    Lynn Crump: Group Focus-Men

    Group Topic: Don't give the Enemy a seat at your table

  • caitlin finley

    Time: Sunday Nights @ 5:30P

    Location: Day3 Church Annex Building

    Contact: Caitlin Finley

    Group Focus: Young Adults 18-30 year olds

    Group Topic: Knowing the Bible Series-Philippians 12 week study